Senate control

The Senate majority leader wants the president-elect to start undoing President Barack Obama’s actions on health, safety and climate on “day one.”
The Republicans' Senate campaign is using James Comey's October surprise to pressure Democrats.
Republicans also retained control of the House on Tuesday, putting Democrats in a tight spot for the remainder of President
Obama did 14 interviews with local radio stations on Monday and Tuesday leading up to the midterms, including in Milwaukee
Cruz says they are all wrong. Cruz wants a political war against Democrats. Cruz is the real voice of what will happen if Republicans take control of the Senate.
At least 16.7 million people have voted so far across 31 states, according to early voting data monitored by The Associated
In six days, the nation will render its collective judgment in the midterm elections, and none of us knows what voters will do when they choose their poison on Election Day.
Some governors with an eye on 2016 are already looking to exploit their edge over senators. "I think it's all positive," Paul
"When same-sex marriages are being conducted in Oklahoma, the culture has shifted dramatically. We have to be honest about
When Grimes says she is a Clinton Democrat, she is telling the truth, and when McConnell labels Grimes an Obama Democrat rather than a Clinton Democrat, he is bearing false witness. Shouldn't allegedly liberal-friendly media outlets such as MSNBC and the New Republic report this?
Despite the overall health of the economy, Obama admitted that most Americans aren’t feeling the effects of recovery. Even
Candidates backed by the party's establishment and business allies secured Republican Senate nominations in states like North
It is very possible that as Schweitzer goes, so goes Montana, and as Montana goes, so goes the nation in the U.S. Senate.
The midterm electorate is comprised of the most passionate voters - devoted and engaged political activists who write letters
Since these Democratic wins, however, Republicans in Louisiana and Alaska have completely taken over the state governments
When it comes to the 2014 Senate landscape, Republicans and Democrats might agree on one thing: The map favors the GOP. Read
The Community sounds off with Marc and Mark Blumenthal on the exit polls, Palin's last minute Romney endorsement and Romney's last minute campaign stop.
The Community sounds off with Marc and Mark Blumenthal on the exit polls, Palin's last minute Romney endorsement, the pending senate control, the possibility of another severe storm and Romney's last minute campaign stop.