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President Obama is soon to issue executive orders on immigration. To score a huge victory in the inevitable political battle, however, he has to orchestrate it for maximum impact.
Perhaps the question of "why not" isn't very complicated. Though Republican leadership favors a bill, minority caucuses can easily and with impunity block legislation these days. But I was struck by something else.
Gutierrez also said that the piece of immigration legislation that is most likely to get passed will be a version of the
If President Obama were to halt deportations, it could serve as a model for Congress, and would put pressure on Congress to create a solution that would then displace the President's discretion.
Evangelical Immigration Table, a coalition of evangelical Christian leaders, launched its biggest ad buy yet Tuesday in support of comprehensive immigration reform, spending $400,000 on radio ads airing in 56 congressional districts represented by Republicans.
Barrett Duke of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission told reporters on a conference call that the group
The report is part of a broader effort from American Action Network to give cover to Republicans who might support reform
That would trigger a House-Senate conference where negotiators could try to combine the two measures into a single new piece
Most Americans approve of the components of the Senate's immigration bill currently stalled in the House, according to a
WASHINGTON -- Members of the Senate "gang of eight" met with pro-immigration reform business, agriculture, faith and conservative
The president is one of those critics, and he argued for comprehensive reform in interviews with local Telemundo and Univision
WASHINGTON -- The House of Representatives must act on immigration reform passed by the Senate, Majority Leader Harry Reid
WASHINGTON — House Republicans leaders are warning about enacting an `Obamacare-like' immigration bill. “Today House Republicans
It seems like something less than "sweeping reform" is afoot, unless we are merely once again referring to sweeping the undocumented under the proverbial rug?
"I think it's very important to fix a broken system, to treat people with respect, and have confidence in our capacity to
"It's a tough public-relations battle," he said. "People don't seem to care about engineers earning $61,000 when they should
Over a century ago as part of a revolt against the tyrannical Speaker of the House "Uncle" Jo Cannon, the first "discharge petition" procedures were adopted. This measure that weakened the power of the speaker might, ironically, now bolster the flagging authority of Speaker Boehner. How so?
The tea party has a message for Republican senators who voted Thursday for the immigration bill and congressmen who might
WASHINGTON -- Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) predicted on Sunday that the House would pass the Senate's immigration bill, despite
That was when Obama issued a directive stopping deportations of such people, or Dreamers as they are known after the Dream