senate immigration bill

President Obama is soon to issue executive orders on immigration. To score a huge victory in the inevitable political battle, however, he has to orchestrate it for maximum impact.
Perhaps the question of "why not" isn't very complicated. Though Republican leadership favors a bill, minority caucuses can easily and with impunity block legislation these days. But I was struck by something else.
Gutierrez also said that the piece of immigration legislation that is most likely to get passed will be a version of the
If President Obama were to halt deportations, it could serve as a model for Congress, and would put pressure on Congress to create a solution that would then displace the President's discretion.
Evangelical Immigration Table, a coalition of evangelical Christian leaders, launched its biggest ad buy yet Tuesday in support of comprehensive immigration reform, spending $400,000 on radio ads airing in 56 congressional districts represented by Republicans.
Barrett Duke of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission told reporters on a conference call that the group
The report is part of a broader effort from American Action Network to give cover to Republicans who might support reform
That would trigger a House-Senate conference where negotiators could try to combine the two measures into a single new piece
Most Americans approve of the components of the Senate's immigration bill currently stalled in the House, according to a
WASHINGTON -- Members of the Senate "gang of eight" met with pro-immigration reform business, agriculture, faith and conservative