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“I was one of the leading critics of the ‘filling the tree’ process. I think that was abused to a degree that was breathtaking
Verma's rapid confirmation is remarkable given the acute political paralysis currently afflicting the Senate's confirmation process, particularly for ambassadorial nominees.
Since the June conference, Koch-linked groups have contributed millions in support of these candidates' campaigns. Sen. John
Officials at Southern Utah University in Cedar City, Utah, decided to attach Reid’s name to the school’s Outdoor Engagement
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid doesn't quite threaten comprehensive immigration reform in response to a question about the House Leadership immigration spending bill.
The bill aims to address wait times by allowing veterans to seek health care outside the VA system, while also encouraging
One of Tillis' primary opponents, obstetrician Greg Brannon, also referred to the scandal in a December fundraising email
Sharron Angle, former GOP Senate candidate who lost to Reid in 2010: "There's something going on with Harry Reid's mental
Senators who have long advocated for more action on climate change have taken Reid's recent rhetoric as a positive sign. Rhode
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