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"Everyone knows Harry Reid planned to jam forward as many nominees as he could after the omnibus passed," said Frazier. "Unfortunately
A week into the lame-duck session, Senate Republicans are finding all kinds of ways to block President Barack Obama's judicial nominees -- even if that means obstructing their own nominees in the process.
"Senator Hatch doesn't want a person like Parrish to get caught up in unnecessary, partisan politics," Freire said Monday
"Doubt you'll see any movement before recess," said the aide. "This could be the next big fight in the next work period." Sen
The North Carolina senator also wouldn't comment on if he plans to submit his blue slip: "I just don't share anything about
Obama formally submitted her nomination to the Senate in June 2013. But May-Parker hasn’t moved since because Burr is withholding
WASHINGTON -- Senate Democrats are hoping to cut a deal with Republicans to confirm four of President Barack Obama's nominees
Deborah Lee James was confirmed by a 79-6 vote Friday morning, one of several votes scheduled throughout the day. She is
The Senate narrowly averted a historic showdown over Obama's nominees this summer. During that fight, Democrats came close
WASHINGTON — Being an out gay nominee for appointed office isn’t the controversy it used to be. Read more on BuzzFeed