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[Would you like to follow me on Twitter? Because why not?] Still, a party that insists it plans to take the fight to Democratic
A little over a week ago, incumbent Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi made sure that everyone knew that Liz Cheney was going to primary him. This was surprising news, mainly because what would have otherwise been a sleepy 2014 Senate contest could end up being something that the media could monetize for page views and whatnot. And last week, Cheney went ahead and confirmed that she was going to give it a shot. So here we are: The state of Wyoming is now suddenly interesting! And one good reason why this Wyoming primary is going to be very compelling is that it's the venue for a hot proxy war between Rand Paul's libertarianish insurgency and the neo-con old guard.
Anti-worker Republicans are using Richard Griffin and Sharon Block as pawns in their political games, and it's just wrong -- especially when it means a law enforcement agency that protects workers is shutting down.
They know that even under the best circumstances, justice is hard to come by. Now, the Senate is making it virtually impossible for workers to gain the justice they deserve. And what does that say about our democracy?
Cohen's Communications Workers of America union, for one, has deemed the scenario a "shell game" run by Republicans. "They
Huffington Post's Bureau Chief Ryan Grim and Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley break down the history of the filibuster.
The president is left with few options, Harkin added. And that will make it virtually impossible for Obama to carry out his
The Levin-McCain filibuster proposal is without merit. It is not a bipartisan compromise, but an abdication of leadership at a time when meaningful reform is possible.
The Democratic members of the anti-reform group will also brief their colleagues today, a source told HuffPost. Restoring
The fact is, as a consequence of unprecedented obstructionism during the last Congress, the filibuster was used more in two years than it had been in the 1950s, '60s and '70s combined. This is unacceptable.
America is the world's leading democracy, but that doesn't mean there aren't improvements to be made. By modernizing registration, ending government dysfunction and combating Citizens United, we can put the people back in charge.
"Now, it has gotten angrier and people are somehow bitter, and I think one of the reasons is -- and I should have talked
Political games prevent Senators from even beginning to debate some of the most important issues. This week, my colleagues and I have begun a process to challenge the broken rules in the Senate and reform the filibuster.
When retiring Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) gave his farewell floor address on Nov. 30, for instance, it was tinged with a layer
The modern filibuster has never been part of the Constitution or any law. It's not even in the original rules of the Senate. You could almost say it's an accident.
AFTER months of debate, Senate Democrats this summer broke a Republican filibuster against a bill to extend unemployment
First elected to the Senate in 1986, Mikulski is one of the most senior members of the Democratic caucus and her 24 years