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Today is the last day of women's history month. This year, two fantastic women senators will mark the ends of their historic Senate careers. Senators Barbara Boxer and Barbara Mikulski have served a collective 70 years in Congress. In those decades, they've established themselves as strong environmental champions.
“I didn’t want to be the first and only. I wanted to be the first of many,” she said. Mikulski recently announced she will
She also paved the way for pants in the chamber. WASHINGTON -- Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.) always portrayed herself as
Bills that were introduced by female senators also fared better, receiving an average of 9.10 cosponsors, while male senators
Women in Congress by State - Total Historical | FindTheBest American voters brought Congress to a historical breaking point
These women may not wear shiny red capes to work, but these days in Washington, their accomplishments qualify as superpowers.
(Click over to ABC News for more on the interview. Sawyer’s complete interview is set to air when the new Congress convenes
Issues that disproportionately affect women -- from reproductive rights to Medicare to jobs -- were front and center of the
Since women's political fate tends to be tied to the political fate of Democrats overall, next year's elections pose a very real threat to some of the most powerful pro-woman, pro-choice voices in Congress.