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Trump can't afford to snub Cruz and his supporters this campaign season, while trying to appeal to some populist socialism.
Kaine may be considered a centrist in the media, which could help him woo moderates, independents and liberal Republicans. But if you look at the ACU's voting record, and that of the ADA, his strongest appeal should be to progressives who backed Sanders.
Watch his inspiring and energizing 25-minute speech in its entirety: Sanders spoke at the Democratic National Committee's
In the media, Donald Trump and his allies have sought to "appeal" to Bernie Sanders supporters. But at GOP rallies and in Congressional votes, it's a different story.
Our nation pays - by far - the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs. As a result of these prices, nearly one in five Americans cannot afford to fill their prescriptions. At what point do we say our tax system, our publicly funded research and our patent system are not serving the public interest?
Is liberalism becoming socialism as conservatives assert? Hardly. The lesson of the Sanders campaign, as well as economic trends worldwide, is that socialism is becoming liberalism.
Contrary to the conventional wisdom saying that Bernie Sanders would never have been able to force a contested Democratic
If there was a 'revolution' it was Hillary's as many would consider her being the first woman in 240 years to be the nominee of a major political party in the United States and the odds-on favorite to be our 45th President the real revolution.
Senator Bernie Sanders now needs to make a decision. Should his movement be a fundamental movement, political movement, or both?
An aphorism springs to mind: "Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good." Surely, these Sanders supporters can not brook
The media at the moment seems to be enamored with Hillary Clinton's delegate count, even though she hasn't achieved 2,383 pledged delegates. Since Clinton won't have 2,383 pledged delegates before the Democratic Convention, and still faces an FBI criminal investigation, it's only prudent that Bernie Sanders continue his campaign.
Perhaps most important, 97 percent of these millennials are extremely optimistic about what lies ahead for them. Harnessing and nurturing this optimism should be a goal of all American companies hoping to show Millennials that their firms' contribution will make the world a better place.
Thank you, Bernie, for not being afraid to share your leadership; thank you Senator Sanders, for planting so many wonderful
Our country has fallen into a tailspin of poverty and inequality. In my home state of New Jersey our poverty rate is the highest it's been in 50 years. Since 1980, only New York and Connecticut have outpaced the growth of New Jersey's income inequality.
The Democrats still have a primary battle going on between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, while Trump seems to have sewn up the GOP nomination. So why are Democrats more upbeat about their contest, while Republicans seem even more nervous about their primary situation?
Earlier Monday, Hillary Clinton backed out of a scheduled debate in California with Bernie Sanders. In his first sit down interview since learning the news, Sanders explains the "obvious" reasons she cancelled.
Should Sanders accept reality and gracefully exit to allow Hillary Clinton to prepare for a greater race against Donald Trump, then he will be well remembered. However, if Sanders sits on his thumbs as McCarthy sat on his two generations ago, we may be in for a very dark time.
The recent happenings at the Nevada State Democratic Convention have made abundantly clear that a significant portion of Bernie Sanders followers will never fall in line and support Clinton if she's the Democratic nominee.
The voting irregularities, election fraud, and voter suppression taking place in 2016 is nothing new. Clinton had engaged in this type of campaign against Obama, and her campaign has repeated these tactics against Sanders.