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Read the full letter below: Letter to President Obama on Hagel Nomination by The letter claims that historically, no secretary
During Republican Chuck Hagel's defense secretary confirmation hearing on Thursday, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) chose to use
Hagel needs to show that he understands, first, why he is factually wrong to describe a "Jewish lobby"; second, he needs to show greater sensitivity to the American Jewish community because he understands that expression evokes anti-Semitism through the ages.
The expected nomination of Senator Hagel to defense secretary has prompted the Log Cabin Republicans to take a full-page ad criticizing his gay rights record. HuffPost Senior Political Reporter Amanda Terkel joins Ahmed to break this down.
When I think of issues like Iraq, of how we went into it -- no planning, no preparation, no sense of consequences, of where were going, how we were going to get out, went in without enough men, no exit strategy, those kinds of things -- I'll speak out. I'll go against my party." That was Chuck Hagel in 2006 -- just one instance among many of courageously and passionately speaking out against the White House's disastrous foreign policies. With President Obama expected to nominate Hagel for Secretary of Defense, here is a post I wrote in August 2006 that reminds us why Hagel is such an inspired choice.
President Barack Obama is expected to nominate Hagel on Monday. Several Republican senators have already said they oppose
The ad by the conservative gay rights group criticizes Hagel's record on issues of LGBT equality. View the Log Cabin Republicans
Former Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) has a problem if his goal is to quell criticism for his anti-gay past. He scored a zero on the Human Rights Campaign's Senate scorecard between 2001 and 2006 and opposed allowing gays to serve openly in the military. Am I missing something here?
Far more is at stake in Barack Obama's decision on whether to nominate Chuck Hagel to be Secretary of Defense than whether Chuck Hagel is nominated.
While America's relationship with Israel is important, Chuck Hagel is being considered for Secretary of Defense of the United States, not Israel. Whether he would be good for Israel or not cannot be a central concern -- and certainly not the cause to preemptively slander and dismiss this decorated soldier.
Former George W. Bush administration US Ambassador to Iraq, Afghanistan and the United Nations Zalmay Khalilzad shared with me some thoughts on the possible nomination of Senator Chuck Hagel to serve as President Obama's Secretary of Defense.
Hagel's statement, via the Washington Post: Former Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) released a statement Friday apologizing for
The effort to slander Chuck Hagel and to torpedo his potential nomination to be secretary of defense has reached such intensity
Aren't we still the United States of America and isn't the Barack Obama administration in its second term forming a cabinet for the government of the United States -- and only the United States?
If William Kristol wants to have a real debate on the real issues, let's have it. Let's have a debate on the neocon military policy of preemptive war, interventionism and nation-building versus a more reasoned approach, with use of the military as a last resort.
America's military is solidly behind the new security treaty that cuts Russia's nuclear weapons. Is the Republican Party? The test comes Thursday when senators have to choose: Back the military or play politics?
Last night on MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Show, Maddow asked former Sen. Chuck Hagel about former Vice President Cheney's recent
With the support of thousands of readers from The Huffington Post, IAVA helped make history. When the GI Bill was signed into law in June, many of you contributed to this remarkable victory.
Yesterday in an address to the Council on Foreign Relations, Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE) stepped up his rhetoric against the