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The criticism of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) came swiftly after they first endorsed Republican Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois
Encouraging other countries to deal with climate change while ignoring carbon emissions here is not really dealing with the problem at all. Dealing with climate starts by dealing with carbon pollution here at home.
This year, the Assembly again in 2015 voted overwhelmingly for the ban at 139-0, but again the bill never reached the floor
Sen. Mark Kirk from Illinois took a moment to talk to Huffington Post about why he came out to support the crowds fighting for marriage equality in front of the Supreme Court today.
The last year and a half of negotiations between Iran and six international powers has created a remarkable and historic shift. Not only have relations between the United States and Iran begun to thaw after 30 years of enmity, but it is increasingly looking like the international community will be able to solve the Iran nuclear crisis together.
In Washington, President Barack Obama is having an increasingly difficult time holding back U.S. lawmakers, who are eager
The senators introduced the bill in March. "Illinois is home to the world renowned Baha'i Temple, so the plight of Baha'is
The Arctic Refuge and its Coastal Plain -- the Refuge's "biological heart" -- are home to polar bears, grizzly bears, wolves, wolverines, muskoxen and more than 130 species of migratory birds.
The Employment Non-discrimination Act of 2013 passed the Senate today, 39 years after it was first introduced. I feel very privileged to have lived long enough, from being at Stonewall as a teenager to being in the Senate gallery today, to watch history unfold.
The legislation would not only signal U.S. regime change policy to the Iranian government -- it would also signal to the Iranian people as a whole that the U.S. is determined to pursue regime change by making ordinary Iranians suffer.