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As a former senator, Begich cannot technically lobby Congress for two years after leaving office, and Lampkin noted that
"I look forward to doing the job that Alaskans elected me to do, and to begin the process of turning our country around and
As we head into the final stretch before next week's midterm elections, Americans continue to have wide-ranging views of Obamacare, but even many who have an unfavorable view of it say they would rather see Congress improve it than get rid of it.
This paradox is also illustrated in the manner in which Begich's campaign is approaching the law in Alaska. Though Begich
While Begich hasn't attempted to appeal to progressive voters on issues like gun control and energy, he has worked to play
The photo flame-up continues an awkward trend between the two senators. After Begich sent out a press release touting that
In March, the campaign of Sen. Mark Begich (Alaska) released an ad narrated by his wife that included a clip of an old campaign
Sullivan, the former commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources, is the perceived Republican frontrunner in a primary
This ad is Begich's fourth in his campaign for reelection and the third where he has mentioned his support for oil drilling
The Affordable Care Act remains deeply unpopular across the conservative terrain of Alaska, but a super PAC supporting Democratic