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It has recently come to light as reported out of closed door meetings with at least one conflicted official at the Department of Justice that the Obama Administration has decided to ignore all of the ideas presented by songwriters, publishers and performing rights organizations and focus on the one thing that is almost guaranteed to destroy the PRO system in the U.S.
"I would like some assurances," Utah Sen. Mike Lee said.
Sen. Mike Lee of Utah explains how his time in the judicial sector helped him realize that mandatory minimum sentences do more harm than good.
The White House announced $100 million in additional funding for mental health services earlier this month. GOP Sens. Tom
The trajectory of the LGBT movement for equality is accelerating. Typically, this means the opposition will only get shriller and angrier believing that these hysterics will stop the train from running over their indignation and fanatic devotion to chosen verses of their dogma.
Only in Washington would the very people who caused the government shutdown, and possibly a catastrophic government default, demonstrate against the shutdown. Confused? Well there is no better practitioner of perception deception than Senator Ted Cruz.
Arming the enemies of our enemies hasn't made the U.S. more friends; it has made the U.S. more enemies. That is why only a diplomatic solution can stop the bloodshed.
"Maybe they could also ask CRS to do a report on what happens to Obamacare when pigs learn to fly," Phillips said. "No one
"The concern with those is that background checks in and of themselves aren’t going to work unless they are accompanied by
Sen. Ted Cruz says that he is expecting a vote Wednesday on his amendment to defund Obamacare until economic growth is restored, adding that he is willing to risk a government shutdown if Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and President Barack Obama stand in the way.