Mark Zuckerberg is facing days of questioning on Capitol Hill about Facebook’s data scandal, in which Cambridge Analytica obtained personal information from over 87 million users.
Mark Zuckerberg’s first day of congressional testimony included explanations of some basic tech concepts.
Doing so should be "based on the security circumstances, not your dinner schedule," said Sen. Brian Schatz.
Dialing your senator or representative can be intimidating—but also effective. Emily Ellsworth, a former congressional staffer and author of the e-book Call the Halls, has four pieces of advice for phoning a could-be friend.
A new set of Obamacare repeal attack ads attempts to hold some GOP senators accountable.
Not good news for Republicans hoping to maintain control of the Senate.
The writer compared this one-day sit-in which called attention to the many times the majority Speaker of the House has refused to allow discussion or voting on bills proposed by minority members to the 10 times in history that elected officials of both parties have "shut down our government," costing billions of dollars each time. Apples and oranges.
Do you wish for fewer guns to be accessible to all? More justice when it comes to the lost lives of young African American males? Do you want to see people of all life choices to feel accepted and safe?
'Have you ever been on live television before?' the KMVT-TV news director asked. 'Yes,' I answered. It wasn't a lie. When I was 5-years-old I had been a guest on the children's show on KMVT with the host named Happy Holly.
Political professionals and lobbyists often name a bill the opposite of what it does. The Clean Air Act, the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act, and the No Child Left Behind Act are all disingenuously named.
What else don't our elected officials know? And should we be concerned? More important, can we do anything to ensure that our representatives are informed on important issues?
Range voting eliminates spoilers and splitting the vote between two good candidates. It gives voters a chance to show how much they dislike someone, rather than just being silent. For these reasons, Range Voting is superior to Instant Runoff Voting.
I am no longer a pulpit rabbi, so the question of sermon topics on the High Holy Days is one I consider as a consumer rather than as a provider - but that doesn't stop me from reflecting on the situation congregational rabbis are in this month.
The Huffington Post's Akbar Shahid Akmed sat down with three Democratic Senators to discuss the Iran deal, and their approach to foreign policy as a whole.
A Republican with a biblical first name, Root got his political start in the executive branch and eventually served as secretary
With these four new trump cards on the table, the odds against fast-track get better -- and almost certainly the next Presidential election will put the candidates of both parties to the test. Trade diplomacy's House of Cards looks ever shakier -- even if it doesn't topple in the next few months.
Democrats need to find their voice. In 2016 there are 198 Democratic seats in the Senate and House that will be up for election.
Senator Jim Inhofe is already off to a great start in 2015, spouting pseudo-science and degrading the effectiveness of his new committee with inaccurate diatribes against global warming. Just this week, he made a speech on the Senate floor lambasting the "hysteria" surrounding climate change.