Coherent action on climate and disaster risk is essential to the success of eradicating poverty.
Les partenariats constituent le fondement essentiel qui nous permettra d'avancer. Les Nations Unies jouent de plus en plus
The sun has finally appeared, and the TV trucks are rolling out of this ancient hot springs town on the outskirts of Sendai, Japan. This was the location over the weekend of the G7 meeting of finance ministers and central bankers which, although civil, has ended with a lack of consensus.
After a disaster, when stress may be ubiquitous and access to medications scant, routine cases of cardiovascular disease, cancer, lung disease and diabetes can quickly evolve into life-threatening emergencies.
Japan occupies a special place in the recent history of human development because of its early support for the idea that reducing disaster risk is essential if we are to make progress on sustainable development.
Natural disasters, unfortunately, will always be with us. And the cost and number of people affected by disasters continues to rise. But this visit to Sendai is a valuable opportunity for me and the others who participated in the Sendai Dialogue to learn how we can strengthen our defenses.
Located in the path of the devastating tsunami that hit Japan, Sendai Airport was hit hard, with runways covered in rubble
Should a magnitude 9.0 earthquake strike the Pacific Northwest tomorrow, the initial damage would in all likelihood be at least as bad as the devastation in Japan, and the aftermath far worse.
We landed at around 4 p.m. after a flight of a little more than five hours. I had four bags with me, one very large, for
There were mad transportation problems because of the train stoppages and power outages. It took one of our promoters five
Watch video of the heroic feats, courtesy of Reuters, below: Clips of a new documentary film which aired yesterday show the
For those of you who do not know, every Bar or Bat Mitzvah child is obligated to undertake a project to do Tikkun Olam, Hebrew for "repairing the world."
"We don't know the nature of the damage," said Minoru Ohgoda, spokesman for the country's nuclear safety agency. "It could
The Dai-ichi plant is the most severely affected of three nuclear complexes that were declared emergencies after suffering
"Even if they could make the cars, they couldn't send them anywhere," Feldman said from Tokyo. "In a certain sense, Japan
As Japan entered its second night since the magnitude-8.9 quake, there were grim signs that the death toll could soar. One
TV footage showed several people standing on the roof of a three-story building in Miyagi prefecture (state), surrounded