sending kids to college

Don't let empty nest syndrome blind you to the truth.
Those strangers on a train got me looking back my days as a dad by focusing on facts instead of feelings. Hence, I've developed this list for my son. It compiles all the important numbers (some estimated) that spring to mind as I contemplate life with a son who is now on his own.
I wasn’t wrong about their leaving. My husband kept telling me I was. That it wasn’t the end of the world when first one
From coast to coast, the following is happening in homes across the country: Parents are walking past open bedroom doors
I had come to IKEA expecting to have a European experience. It was, instead, an affirmation of so much of what we take for granted as Americans: low prices, lots of choices, and mindless indulgence in the face of potential safety hazards.
Now both boys have left home, and that has been the real test -- not of my powers of location, which I've learned expand
I think -- no, I know -- we are trying to hold onto her just a little bit more as she is the last. The quiet will be complete and overwhelming. There will be no messy rooms to whine and threaten about.
I kept my mouth shut at the college -- there are rituals to these things and dad-confessions are not among them -- but I wanted to say sorry to her more than simply goodbye.
Not that I made terrible mistakes with child one or two. I hope not. But they certainly were burdened with my trial-and-error years. And some occasional misplaced focus. What they didn't get -- for sure -- was a father who realized how quickly the parenting merry-go-round comes to an end.
Much as I felt I mastered the camp experience this summer, I revert to terror when I think about college.
Starting next month, approximately six million young adults will be heading off to their freshman year at college. To look at it another way, about six million American mothers will be in some stage of meltdown.
Tell me how the first wave of college scrambling went at your house. Were you too involved? Or maybe your child didn't scramble at all?
Next week, our young Rob graduates from Mamaroneck High School. We will be sad. But we know how lucky we are to feel the way we do.