sending kids to college

Don't let empty nest syndrome blind you to the truth.
Those strangers on a train got me looking back my days as a dad by focusing on facts instead of feelings. Hence, I've developed this list for my son. It compiles all the important numbers (some estimated) that spring to mind as I contemplate life with a son who is now on his own.
I wasn’t wrong about their leaving. My husband kept telling me I was. That it wasn’t the end of the world when first one
Imagine investing tens of thousands of dollars (or more) to learn how to think just like everyone around you! I can think
I had come to IKEA expecting to have a European experience. It was, instead, an affirmation of so much of what we take for granted as Americans: low prices, lots of choices, and mindless indulgence in the face of potential safety hazards.
It’s hard to give up a superpower. It’s like The Little Mermaid giving up her voice for love -- only the other way around
I think -- no, I know -- we are trying to hold onto her just a little bit more as she is the last. The quiet will be complete and overwhelming. There will be no messy rooms to whine and threaten about.
I kept my mouth shut at the college -- there are rituals to these things and dad-confessions are not among them -- but I wanted to say sorry to her more than simply goodbye.