senior citizens

The new dating competition is part of ABC's fall lineup.
Older voters helped propel Trump with winning the White House in 2016 — but it's proving harder to get their support in 2020.
"As long as I’m still creative ... as long as I still enjoy life, nobody has the right to write me off."
"Let's get back to work," 69-year-old Dan Patrick said after sharing he'd be willing to "take a chance" on his own survival.
Police said that a resident of a Vancouver, Washington, senior apartment complex opened fire in the building's lobby. The motive for the shooting is still unclear.
The Washington state couple left behind notes revealing that they could not afford their healthcare expenses.
These conservative, white senior citizens are telling young people why they shouldn’t go out and vote — in an effort to make sure they do.
Some activists worry liberals aren’t doing enough to rally older voters.
An alarming photograph shows several women sitting in the murky water but appearing calm.