senior discounts

Those milestone birthdays can add up to major savings.
The accomplishment of retaining a pulse should not be grounds alone for discounts.
Don't be sure every Grandma wants a discount, or that she's even a Grandma.
There are actually a wide variety of discounts and services available to people with disabilities and those living with a chronic illness that can literally save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars each year. Here are some tips to help you find them.
While your body may tell you otherwise, for skiers, getting older has its benefits. This ski season, depending on your age, 99 resorts will make their lifts available free. Many more have deep discounts for older skiers, so it's always worth asking when purchasing.
Not long ago, the local Super Fresh Market began providing discounts on Tuesdays to a particular class of shoppers. You know who I mean. It is that class of shoppers commonly referred to by a particular word that I strongly dislike and in fact eschew.
Some folks march with heads held high into their senior years. That seemed more than I could manage. When I turned 60 and could pass for less, I forsook senior price tickets at the movie theater or museum, even stretched that out until I realized that vanity had closed out opportunities I was dumb to miss.
SHOPPING Whether you're buying a little something for yourself or treating your kids or grandkids, any money saved on clothes
On average, Americans 50 and over spend 31 percent more on travel related items than younger travelers. With that kind of spending, travel needs to be as perfect as possible. There are a few things travelers can do to ensure a smooth trip is enjoyed by everyone in the travel party.