senior dogs

Think of all the senior dogs that would be helped if Sherri and Muttville win the $100,000 prize! We need to educate people
Herewith, the seven things you should never say to a senior dog owner because, we, like our dogs, have feelings too.
The owner was excited to see that the beloved pup ended up in a happy home.
Every dog has his day, and his final ones will be filled with adventures.
Kind strangers have send hundreds of cards to Kurt Haupt.
Cat lovers wandered downstairs to cuddle with Koneko's 16 cats, while canine fans stayed upstairs to visit with Marnie and
Chris and Mariesa, from the HooplaHa series 'Life In The Dog House' get a big surprise on their doorstep. The "Life in the Dog House" gang shows that no matter how old you are, all dogs love getting special treats.
It was wonderful to weep tears of joy when I saw and heard the story of Sherri Stankewitz, a passionate but struggling dog rescuer who recently got the "prank" of a lifetime.
I have always had an eye on the Instagram account @Wolfgang2242 so when Nancy LeVine reached out to say she had just visited Steve Greig, the owner of that account, to do a shoot for her upcoming book SENIOR DOGS ACROSS AMERICA, I jumped up and down.
"She wouldn’t take her eyes off of him, and he wouldn’t stop smiling at her"