Senior Health

Inadequate staffing and employee training are two common problems that have led to injuries and death in assisted living facilities.
Breaking down everything you need to know about growing older so you can embrace it.
A new Harvard study has estimated more than 4,600 deaths in Puerto Rico caused by Hurricane Maria, compared to the low official government death toll of 64.
"Patient centered care" is a term that has become ubiquitous in healthcare policy and strategy documents. Today chronic diseases
After we turn 50, we all start to worry about cardiovascular disease and what to do about it. We might also fret about dementia and whether we will get Alzheimer's -- and arthritis is an ailment we prefer to do without. T
So now you all know what to expect when you arrive to your tenth decade but that may not be the end other story, as there are more centenarians now than ever before. Ten years from now expect a column on turning one hundred.
You can thank researchers at the Cambridge University for this invention. Following the clinical trials, patients agreed
Due to rising insurance costs, baby boomers are discharged from the hospital a lot quicker than before and they are needing
The FDA reports that 20 to 30 percent of prescriptions are never filled. What Do Our Presidential Candidates Propose? It's
If you want to give yourself a super charge just 10 minutes out of your busy day -- then connect with Jose and you will experience boundless energy and strength. You, too, can be a great team and what's more -- you will look better, feel better and life will be better. It's really so simple.
You need to consult a doctor to know what is appropriate and try balance the liquor with healthier fluids like water and
If you were raised on the West Coast in the 1950s and 1960s, you were probably taught that games -- Scrabble, Chinese Checkers, Pick Up Sticks, Monopoly etc. -- were for rainy days. In my family it was a sin to be indoors on a sunny Saturday or Sunday, or after school, or on summer vacation.
On Dec. 4, millions of TV viewers got a glimpse of an up-and-coming purse company with a unique business model -- the bags are all hand-knit by residents in an assisted living community.
"I've fallen and I can't get up!" You may've laughed along with millions of other Americans in the '90s when the catchphrase from a particularly cheesy Life Alert commercial was parodied over and over again on sitcoms and in the media.
Until we agree, as a country, that the services provided by America's HHAs are worth finding the extra Medicare and Medicaid dollars to pay them what they deserve, then we will continue to suffer the negative consequences of piecemeal measures--however well-intended they may be.
The weather in most of the country has turned warm and even hot in some places. Yesterday I was walking for some "cooped
The United States' approach to playgrounds for the elderly is slightly different. U.S. playgrounds are being built for multiple