Senior Health

Uneven rules and loopholes mean dangerous health situations are falling through the cracks.
Federally funded senior centers have started rationing meals and slicing services to the bare bones. Without help, “these crises will be happening in every state."
In some states, nursing home residents account for more than half of COVID-19 deaths. It doesn't have to be that way.
“The room was filled with people who wanted to die."
Inadequate staffing and employee training are two common problems that have led to injuries and death in assisted living facilities.
Breaking down everything you need to know about growing older so you can embrace it.
A new Harvard study has estimated more than 4,600 deaths in Puerto Rico caused by Hurricane Maria, compared to the low official government death toll of 64.
After we turn 50, we all start to worry about cardiovascular disease and what to do about it. We might also fret about dementia and whether we will get Alzheimer's -- and arthritis is an ailment we prefer to do without. T