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Bev Nance and Mary Walsh say they were turned away by Missouri's Friendship Village because of a cohabitation policy forbidding same-sex couples.
Mary Walsh and Bev Nance claim Missouri's Friendship Village said their marriage went against its "cohabitation policy."
These grandmas and grandpas have style for days. 🕶️
Yes, the IRS really, really loves you.
The cuts come at a time when many rural hospitals already are struggling to keep their doors open. By Michael Ollove   A
In the past two years, a dozen states have joined more than 200 localities in offering free tuition to four-year colleges
Address your financial past, present and future.
Juanita Fitzgerald has been released and spent her 94th birthday in a motel.
Originally posted on Kenya’s Daily Nation A week after the world marked the International Day of Older Persons on Oct. 1
A 70-year-old woman is accused of sprinkling ricin on the food of other seniors.
As Thanksgiving rolls around this year marking the beginning of the holiday season, we are able to pause and reflect on all
You might not want to know all of your health results.
The head nurse said she immediately performed CPR on him but video shows she and others were laughing.
If politicians truly wish to support veterans, they should protect and expand the government programs that serve them.