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Owner Jonathan Graziano beamed with pride as his TikTok-famous dog was commended for bringing "joy and hope to New Yorkers."
Keeping your dog at a healthy weight and physically active will help control arthritis and degenerative joint disease as
Why adopting a senior pet might be the best choice.
4. Make sure your dog's ID tag is current and keep him on leash outdoors. More dogs go missing in the winter months than
"She wouldn’t take her eyes off of him, and he wouldn’t stop smiling at her"
And Elliot told ABC News that she's got more plans in the works. It's unclear as to how much time Chester has left, but Elliot
Routine medical care can cost hundreds of dollars, while urgent/specialized treatments and procedures can run into the thousands. But, it is possible to reduce your pet care costs without sacrificing their health. Here are some tips that can help you save.
Slowing Down Older pets, like older humans, tend to move more slowly. But unlike people, dogs and cats have no way to tell
Most people instantly feel some form of sadness when they walk into a diner and see an elderly person sitting alone; I often wonder why these emotions don't carry over universally towards senior animals. There are so many great reasons to consider adopting an older dog
Little Miss Lexi and her sister, Pumpkin, are spokes-pups for Posh Pets Rescue in NYC, and they want you to consider adopting special needs and senior rescue dogs before hitting the pet shop.
Older shelter animals are just as loving, loyal and delightful as young ones. Also, senior animals are typically the last to be adopted and the first to be euthanized.
Ben dressed up for Halloween, surrounded by his dogs. (Image credit: Cheryl Kramer) Billy with Ben, his new human brother
Meet Sailor, who is "less adoptable" because she is a pit bull. Emily Fromm, vice president of development at the Petfinder
In an article for Veterinary Practice News, Dr. Robinson notes a number of benefits of massage for end-of-life patients, including
Just as humans need to keep moving and stay active to fully enjoy their senior years, so do older dogs and cats. The aging process brings with it loss of muscle tone and balance, which can lead to inactivity.