Senior Snapshots

A smile can mean anything -- excitement, gratitude, forgiveness and fear, and just because this chapter of our lives is ending does not mean the new one will not bring just as many smiles.
Our future is an empty book that we have the power to write. Challenging as this may sound, it's marvelous.
My best piece of advice is to recognize that, as human beings, we will never stop growing and never stop learning.
What is so inspiring about this class, and our entire school actually is that there is a feeling that... we actually like each other.
Sure and firm self-esteem will keep us steady and confident when we emerge into a new world. Never lost, we will always know who we are, wherever we are.
In the end, there are lots of things we are going to want in our lives, but they won't all come to us. I hope that this Class of 2012 keeps looking. There's no telling what we'll find!
First, you must want success as much as you want air. Unless you believe that you need success to survive, you will be far less than what you have the potential to be. Second, never lose who you are.