sense of smell

Bio-molecules, such as enzymes and other proteins, interact most strongly when they have complementary surfaces and complementary
First of all, if you do have morning sickness, you will feel like you are hungover for a full 2 months. You wake up hungover
So how can specific scents make you recall a memory so intensely?
Over the past couple of years, I have blogged about the "sit-to-rise test," a simple way to help predict how long you might
In the study, the Los Angeles Times reported, researchers asked participants to rate the intensity of imaginary visual and odor cues (e.g., imagine how fresh cupcakes look and smell). Heavier participants reported conjuring up more evocative odors associated with imaginary foods.
By: Laura Geggel Published: July 07, 2015 05:35pm ET on LiveScience.
I was in elementary school when I decided I wanted to grow up to be the Enjoli lady. She was gorgeous, a great cook, accomplished and managed to do it all with her hairdo staying put (most likely Aqua Net-supported), and she could sing.
I try to capture my moments through pictures, but I hold fast to them with smells. Especially when I am trying to remember what it felt like during a specific period of my life. Embracing memories is important because it helps bring light back into our lives.
No, it's not your imagination. Beer isn't something that smells good to most people at first. We know that things that once smelled or tasted repulsive can come to be pleasurable. So how do we form new odor representations, and how are they affected by learning and experience?
Overall, only 19 percent of the group with smell problems had been vaccinated against the flu, compared to 42 percent of
From fruity to minty to popcorn-y, all smells can be classified as one of 10 types of aroma, scientists say. Using statistics
By Jena Pincott Your smell circuits are hotwired to those that process emotion, memory and motivation. Is that why you’re
When aspiring chef Molly Birnbaum lost the ability to smell, she learned to rely on hearing, touch, and sight -- and to cook
The researchers don't know why romantic difficulties could be tied to smell, but they say one possibility is that people
Croy I, Negoias S, Novakova L, Landis BN, & Hummel T (2012). Learning about the Functions of the Olfactory System from People
They don't give smell a second thought, is why. They take it for granted. How many of you have even heard of anosmia? I hadn't until I had it. And then I discovered another miserable side effect. It is invisible.