Currently seen in "Treadstone," the actor said he felt "completely alone" growing up in suburban Texas.
The Netflix series, abruptly canceled last year, will return one last time.
“Art is love made public.” That is what Hernando Fuentes says to his students in the two-hour Christmas special that premiered
The Wachowski's mind-messing, orgy-ific series Sense8 will return for a second season. In an official tweet posted by Netflix
To people like my mom, who generally disapproved of "gratuitous sex or violence" the steaminess of Sense8 could be misinterpreted as a normalized aspect of a media agenda exploiting the age-old marketing maxim: "sex sells." I disagree
As summer approaches, so does a crop of TV shows, both new and returning. Beyond the highly anticipated new seasons of "True
Not much is known about "Sense8," Netflix's new series from The Wachowskis ("The Matrix," "Cloud Atlas"), J. Michael Straczynski
Netflix is going to space: The content provider-cum-content creator has announced a 10-episode order for the first season