separate beds

hey want desperately to get a better night's sleep. And they think things would be much better if they slept apart from their partners. But they are also afraid of what sleeping apart might cost them. So they keep on sharing a bed, hoping that tonight will be much better. But usually it is not.
To hear more, watch the full conversation in the HuffPost Live video above. For many couples, the question of sharing a bed
Separate beds and bathrooms! It started because he worked nights and I worked days. Now we both work days but enjoy sleep
While the days of famous TV couples sleeping separately are long past, couples who sleep apart shouldn't feel as if they have a dirty little secret to hide.
According to new research from Toronto's Ryerson University, 30 to 40 percent of couples sleep apart at night. But don't
What's behind the drive to sleep separately? There are a number of reasons that couples find themselves considering separate bedrooms. Here are some of the most common.
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Now that a number of happily-coupled celebrity duos have spoken about their separate sleep habits, maybe the practice will
My husband has a dream: Separate bedrooms. It's a dream he's had for a while. It's a simple dream, yet one that can create serious complications in a marriage.
If you are compatible by day and incompatible by night, sleeping apart can be a really good solution, which, if you have the guts to do and the space in your house, is really worth trying.
"We were lying in bed spooning when he had an elbow spasm and punched me in the jaw," says Barbara, a 55-year-old graphic