separation of church and state

People from the left and right united to denounce Trump's latest attack on his Democratic 2020 rival.
The real reason some parishioners are being encouraged to hug in church.
The legislation could require teachers to accept scientifically inaccurate, faith-based answers to homework assignments, one Democratic lawmaker said.
The official government page was updated to tout Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's speech on his faith.
"Judeo-Christian moral standards are like God’s instruction manual for ... the best operation for human society," said the attorney general.
Judge Tammy Kemp noted that her Christian outreach to Amber Guyger happened after the trial was over.
The Freedom From Religion Foundation accused Judge Tammy Kemp of violating church-state separation by proselytizing to the convicted former police officer.
Vice President Mike Pence promised supporters that under the Trump administration, Bible displays will be protected on government property.
“He was not an active and visible member of the church, no,” Pastor David Lewicki recalled.
GOP state Sen. Dennis Kruse's bill specifies the minimum dimensions of the poster he hopes to mandate in Indiana schools.