separation of church and state

The online public charter school would be open to students across the state in kindergarten through grade 12.
Republicans in the Texas statehouse want a display of the Ten Commandments in every classroom. And that's not all.
Democratic Mayor Eric Adams drew backlash for saying a week earlier that he "can't separate" his Christian beliefs from his government duties.
The Colorado Republican recently suggested she believes "the church is supposed to direct the government."
The Supreme Court ruled in favor of a public school football coach who sought to pray on the field after games.
The court’s conservatives appeared likely to side with a football coach who left his job after controversy over his post-game prayers on the 50-yard line.
Trump's former national security adviser called for the nation to have a single religion.
People from the left and right united to denounce Trump's latest attack on his Democratic 2020 rival.
The real reason some parishioners are being encouraged to hug in church.
The legislation could require teachers to accept scientifically inaccurate, faith-based answers to homework assignments, one Democratic lawmaker said.