separation of powers

The executive taking funds for a purpose not approved by Congress "does not square with fundamental separation of powers principles," the judge wrote.
Andrew Napolitano accused the president of violating the separation of powers three times in the last week.
The rejection of oversight is the latest and perhaps most high-profile example of the new normal in the Trump era.
The MSNBC host gives a top White House aide a lesson in civics.
They're just not feeling that whole "coequal branch of government" thing.
"Engaging our military in Syria ... without prior congressional authorization would violate the separation of powers," said House Republicans and Democrats.
The president's smear of a federal judge who temporarily halted the travel ban undermines judicial independence and could encourage defiance.
We all know that North Carolina's Gov. Pat McCrory hastily signed HB2 only to acknowledge that pre-existing state law discrimination
These seven vital principles have been largely forgotten in recent years, obscured by the haze of a centralized government, a citizenry that no longer thinks analytically, and schools that don't adequately teach our young people about their history and their rights.
Architecting institutions to secure liberty by thwarting the sordid ambitions of politicians by long-headed diffusions of
For better or worse, the U.S. military has become a key player in governmental affairs. It remains subject to civilian authority, but the true gauge of power is its exercise.
The U.S. says that the decision bears "no relation" to the future of the nuclear agreement with the Islamic republic.
From a purely legal perspective, our present immigration policy is more favorable to Donald Trump's plan to mass deport immigrants than it is to President Obama's attempts to keep families together.
The Supreme Court is considering a challenge to a law that directs courts to award Iran assets to terrorism victims.