sepp blatter

Blatter says the accusation isn't true.
The revelation comes after FIFA's offices were raided by Swiss investigators on Friday.
He will be replacing disgraced former president Sepp Blatter.
They are the deepest reforms in its 112-year history.
I reject the notion that FIFA cannot be reformed from within. The crisis at FIFA is a crisis of leadership.
... And he'll continue to be paid until a new president is elected on Feb. 26.
FIFA "proved incapable" of making real change when Blatter was in charge.
Michel Platini, who aimed to succeed Blatter as the new president, was also banned.
If you like your lies served BIG, BIGGER, BEST, then this was the year for you! In 2015, lies were everywhere: in international sports, presidential campaigns, at the largest corporations and important non-profits, among Super Bowl contenders, and even among those tasked with telling us the news.
The FBI is investigating the role played by Fifa president Sepp Blatter in a $100m (£66.2m) bribes scandal, a BBC investigation