Don't assume why someone is wearing something. Don't assume you know how someone fell into homelessness. Don't assume you're
Does everyone do this? Hearing that September 11 is coming up, do you think back to where you were when you heard the news? What you were doing, who you talked to first, how you worried about friends or family living anywhere in the vast metropolis of New York City.
With the Zadroga bill ending at the end of the month, we can expect the same politicians who get publicly weepy at 9/11 memorial services to go ahead and stiff those who personally responded to the emergency. As a nation, giving benefits to all those who were injured at Ground Zero should be a no-brainer, but this Congress can't even get that right.
Dairo Muiillo was listening to a Spanish radio station at work when he heard about the Sept. 11 attacks and 'thought it was
55,188 Thirteen years after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, some first responders and rescue workers are still waiting
As an incoming sophomore in college now, I understand even more about the extraordinary impact that 9/11 had on America.
We managed to carry on, dutifully ensuring wax had reason to melt into ancient and weathered cobblestone cracks. Grey day
As Wednesday marks twelve years since the September 11th attacks, we take a moment to look at the many tributes and acts
...Not here where I live /where just 20 minutes/before the first air-/craft hit, my-first/born waited/beneath at Station Stop World/Trade Center
(PHOTOS: The heart-wrenching images of 9/11 we'll never forget.) "I hope that people, when they drive by, it makes them think