House conservatives are demanding that lawmakers pay for the $30 billion in sequestration relief for discretionary programs in 2017 that the President and Congress provided last year. Policymakers, however, already paid for the funding increase.
Interim results from the first rigorous, large-scale evaluation of alternative strategies to reduce homelessness among families with children found that vouchers sharply reduce homelessness and housing instability, and do so much more effectively than the other interventions.
Curbs on debt limit standoffs. Some sequestration relief. And, yes, some entitlement reform.
Advocates from across the nation seeking more funding for affordable housing, education, healthcare and many critical nondefense sectors staged a rally outside the Capitol Hill on Wednesday urging Congress to end budget cuts.
WASHINGTON -- Time to bring out the veto pen, Mr. President. The Senate on Wednesday passed the annual National Defense Authorization
The coming months may be the last best chance to eliminate spending caps in the Obama era.
CSH has been working with our partners nationally and in the field to reverse budget caps and cuts imposed by our federal leaders through a process called sequestration (forced confiscation of funds).
If we want to save children from the trauma of homelessness, we must increase the resources available to families in need of stable housing.
The plan is to keep passing GOP bills that ignore the Democrats' concerns.
"These things have to be paid for," Ryan added, "What's the point in having spending caps if they don't enforce fiscal discipline
"In the past, all of the shutdowns and threats of shutdowns occurred because Republicans were trying to change current law
Balancing the budget through reduced spending and increased revenues, ending the vast expansion of the Federal Reserve's balance sheet and normalizing interest rates, are all necessary actions in the effort to right the economy in the face of the Great Recession.
“It's like baseball to the extent to which there's no time limit,” Markey said. “I think members learn a lot.” To some senators
With the 2013 deal set to expire by the end of September, Democrats have begun seeking a replacement. On Wednesday, Murray
The president is banking on the legislative process never getting to that point. Congressional Republicans are invested in