sequestration effects

CSH has been working with our partners nationally and in the field to reverse budget caps and cuts imposed by our federal leaders through a process called sequestration (forced confiscation of funds).
DeLauro and Higgins' bill would effectively use a trigger mechanism to get around the limits set by the BCA. If the NIH is
On Wednesday, the 10 roundtable participants said those fears have come true. Concerns about a brain drain of scientific
Indeed, in conferences past, the Department of Energy has sent three representatives to the International Conference of Gas
Chris Spaeth, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, is one of the daunted. Spaeth
But for those taking a long-term view of medical and scientific research, there is little comfort in partial victories. There
Lobbyists pushing for scientific research had been hopeful that Congress would rally around the cause. When the number came
WASHINGTON -- The United States is losing its global dominance in the field of biomedical research, and sequestration is
Current negotiations are centered on setting a top line spending number of roughly $1.013 trillion, a Democratic Senate aide
More than 3,700 scientists from all 50 states participated in the study, offering online responses in June and July 2013. They offered sobering assessments of the state of their profession.
The study, which was spearheaded by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) and will be formally
Roughly six months into sequestration, the situation is worse than predicted. Internal NIH estimates show that it will end up cutting more than the 700 research grants the institutes initially planned to sacrifice in the name of austerity.
But Collins, 63, is too complex to be pigeonholed. He founded the BioLogos Foundation, which promotes the integration of
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A few days later, Dutta tells me that because of the budget cuts, he had informed the post-doctoral fellow that he would
What frightens federal public defenders most is not the damage wrought by sequestration so far, but rather the pain to come
A hungry bear has been stealing sausages from a boat and raiding campsites this summer at the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore
"Why is this important? It is important because early-stage research leads to the innovation that actually has been the very
Reid's also met personally with the head of the NIH to talk about what the organization will do to help fill the void. On
On April 19, Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Texas) along with 123 other members of Congress, wrote the acting administrator at the