serge ibaka

Toronto players defend hobbling Golden State star as fans jeer his injury in Game 5.
The NBA players chowed down on some dishes that are definitely on the funky side.
If you do something well enough, if you do something often enough, you will ultimately bring about positive change. I'm convinced we are making progress.
If legends such as Hakeem Olajuwon can become one of the world's best NBA Players, and Luol Deng an all-star, then imagine the potential that would exist if basketball was just as much a part of African culture as soccer is.
The Thunder should be looking for two things right now: a dominant, low-post defender alongside the improving Ibaka, and
Serge Ibaka has changed the Western Conference Finals, and his presence has made all the difference for the Oklahoma City Thunder at both ends of the floor.
Here's DeAndre Jordan doing what DeAndre Jordan does best. Who cares that DeAndre cleared off with that other arm, did you
Even LeBron James bleeds, apparently. The four-time NBA MVP was forced to leave the Miami Heat's win over the Oklahoma City
The officials thought differently. Ibaka and Barnes were ejected while Griffin was handed a technical foul. Los Angeles was
Three months later, however, it's an improved Memphis team with the rarest of modern-day NBA offenses -- an offense that
The Oklahoma City Thunder came thisclose to sweeping the Houston Rockets in the first round of the 2013 NBA Playoffs last
Thanks in large part to a strong closing kick (mercifully not to anyone's groin) from Russell Westbrook and a key rejection
Minnesota's Kevin Love -- who just recently underwent surgery for a fractured hand -- has helped redefine the position with
Ibaka made headlines on Monday when he criticized James' defense, telling reporters that the three-time MVP is "not a good
After dismantling San Antonio and its 20-win streak in the West, Thunder coach Scott Brooks now faces the task of defending a super-confident LeBron James. The question becomes: Will he double-team him, or try and live with his scoring while attempting to shut down Wade?
After throwing it down over the top of a 22-year-old player who earned the nickname "Iblocka" for his defensive prowess around
Even while Durant -- now the league's reigning scoring champ three years running -- struggled to find his stroke throughout the first two games, the Thunder managed to win those games with efficient offense, sound decision making and high level defense.
Memphis continued to shock the world when it upset heavily favored Oklahoma City in Game 1 Sunday, leading many of us "experts