Sergei Lavrov

After his staff denied it, President Donald Trump admitted to sharing top secret information with Russia. Now, it could have serious implications on the fight against terror.
Allies of President Bashar al-Assad rally round the Syrian leader in wake of the U.S. missile attack on a regime airbase
Short of U.S. military action, which now appears nil, there is little leverage to convince Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus to cooperate. In the divided crucial city of Aleppo and other parts of northern Syria, Assad, backed by Russia, seems bent on controlling as much territory as possible should peace talks ever succeed.
Kerry said the agreement could be a "turning point" in the years-long conflict.
On May 4, 2016, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu announced that Russia planned to form 3 new military divisions to counter NATO's growing military presence in Eastern Europe.
Turkey's move complicates the situation, in part because it technically violates the national sovereignty of an independent state. Putting that aside, Turkey may have at least three basic strategic objectives:
“We don’t want to have a deal for the sake of the deal.”
President Vladimir Putin urged the warring sides to immediately observe the 1994 ceasefire.
Russia is no North Korea with nukes, but it's doing even worse than during the 2008-2009 crisis. It lost its vibrancy of
With the announcement late last Thursday night of a new plan for cessation of hostilities in Syria, the differences between