Sergio Garcia

When you look across all schools, you have to conclude that these principals are a relatively rare breed, which means that far too many students - particularly children of color and children from low-income families - will not learn the knowledge and skills needed to be prepared for life.
"We had a principal who didn't believe our kids could learn," said math teacher Sharon Pollock about the previous principal
To those worried about students taking too many tests, this was probably a welcome move. But for educators who used the old
Questions do arise, especially because the school has added many Advanced Placement classes and has enrolled many students
Garcia agreed to solve the problem of students being late to class. "But in exchange -- because nothing comes for free -- the
Getting from where the school was back in 2004 to where it is now was a long journey. It required some real know-how by educators
Fox Sports reports Garcia attempted to rectify the situation by offering the fan a signed ball, aiding in the search effort
Golf is hard to learn and impossible to master. Truth be told, I can't quit you, golf. But if participation continues to decline, I may not have a choice.
“I’m not asking for any special treatment,” Vargas said. “I’m asking simply to be looked at like all of my colleagues. I
Sergio Garcia had to pass more than the state’s bar exam to become a lawyer. “While Washington waffles on immigration, California’s