Sergio Garcia

When you look across all schools, you have to conclude that these principals are a relatively rare breed, which means that far too many students - particularly children of color and children from low-income families - will not learn the knowledge and skills needed to be prepared for life.
Garcia's respect for the role teachers play may in part be because Garcia was himself a teacher, first of physical education
Most of Artesia's classes have a "data wall" to celebrate high achievement and improvement. But he's still hoping for more
Stephanie Palutzke, a special education math teacher who arrived a couple of years into Garcia's tenure and said she was
When Garcia counted 230 late students in the first 20 minutes of school one day, he saw the magnitude of the problem in the
It is a high-poverty school that performed as well or better than the state in both reading and math, which led me to search
While Garcia wasn't happy about the mishit, PGA announcers were more than happy to crack a couple jokes at his expense. Diamonds
Golf is hard to learn and impossible to master. Truth be told, I can't quit you, golf. But if participation continues to decline, I may not have a choice.
Originally published on VOXXI as How to pursue the American dream if you are not an American citizen “Ever since high school
It was a busy weekend for Gov. Brown who also signed the Trust Act on Saturday, an unprecedented anti-deportation law that
While this has the potential to change the landscape of immigrant rights in the state, the implications run much deeper as California provides a bold example to the rest of the country.
Garcia has vowed to move the fight forward if Brown does not sign off on it. The opposition to allowing undocumented immigrants
Sergio Garcia holds a two-shot lead over Henrik Stenson heading into Monday's final round at the Deutsche Bank Championship
Sergio Garcia is not exactly the most popular guy at the U.S. Open. After dealing with similar outbursts and a smattering
Garcia’s 3-over 73 in the U.S. Open first round at Merion was punctuated by early double and quadruple bogeys after he hit
The feud between the two golf stars flared up at The Players Championship in May when Garcia accused Woods of distracting
For most of this month, sports fans who complain that golf is boring could have had that opinion confirmed by the so-called
This kind of childish behavior is not good for anyone: not the PGA tour, the fans, the sponsors and the children watching at home who idolize these players.
The feud between Sergio Garcia and Tiger Woods finally had its first apology on Tuesday evening. Unfortunately, the war of words between the rival golfers had to get particularly ugly before it was made.
The feud between Sergio Garcia and Tiger Woods finally had its first apology on Tuesday evening. Unfortunately, the war of