Service Employees International Union

Baggage handlers, cabin cleaners, janitors, security guards, wheelchair attendants and other workers say they need better protections.
What Biden decides to do about Peter Robb could be a bellwether for how he governs -- as a moderate consensus-builder or a hard-nosed progressive.
The SEIU, a union representing front-line workers in the pandemic, could play a central role in organizing often ignored voters of color this year.
A new poll shows more than half of American union members support the Green New Deal, as SEIU becomes the first national union to endorse the plan.
A strike is looking more likely inside the headquarters of the 2 million-member labor union.
Staffers at the Service Employees International Union say the organization is trying to break its own staff union through hard-nosed bargaining.
Workers at the Service Employees International Union headquarters are accusing the union behind the Fight for $15 of hypocrisy.
Their graduate students are trying to unionize. The president may have already stopped them.
In cities like Seattle and New York, workers have won wage increases and other gains that have given millions of Americans a pathway to a better life.