Service Employees International Union

A new poll shows more than half of American union members support the Green New Deal, as SEIU becomes the first national union to endorse the plan.
A strike is looking more likely inside the headquarters of the 2 million-member labor union.
Staffers at the Service Employees International Union say the organization is trying to break its own staff union through hard-nosed bargaining.
Workers at the Service Employees International Union headquarters are accusing the union behind the Fight for $15 of hypocrisy.
Their graduate students are trying to unionize. The president may have already stopped them.
In cities like Seattle and New York, workers have won wage increases and other gains that have given millions of Americans a pathway to a better life.
But talk is cheap. They're looking for the president to deliver on infrastructure.
In some ways the California 34th Congressional district is like many districts in the nation. Intensely gerrymandered ― Republican
Working Americans haven't seen a real raise in 35 years. Meanwhile, every year, their health care costs rise. Their employers eliminate pensions. And their kids struggle with rising college tuition and debt. By contrast, on the other side of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, the richest 1 percent are supersizing their feasts.
But the union's critics are focused on another number: zero. That's the tally of fast-food workers who have joined SEIU's
This Valentine's Day, before planning your romantic dinner or buying roses and chocolate, think about how your choices will affect the hands that feed you.
But at work the next morning, Velasquez alleges, her boss told her she no longer had a job and pulled her name tag from her
Ridley-Thomas and Gomez were not able to comment on their votes before the time of publication. A spokesman for Quirk's office
"If we don't do this, I don't know who will," Bennett said. "$15 could change everything." "You know what? If I were looking
Over the past two years, low-wage strikers like Ortega have helped fuel the national discussion on income inequality and
It is ugly individualism that underlies the political ideology of the rich industrialists who are spending billions in an effort to shred Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and who are attempting to stop the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Unions are an impediment to their grand scheme, so they're coming after us with a vengeance.
"Why? Because Republicans again and again insult our community, and blocked immigration reform," the narrator continues, as