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Then I sat down to eat and remarked on the good service. Because it's not polite to talk with your mouth full, nobody agreed
When we imagine the life of a server, many of us think of the struggling 20-year-old cocktail waitress who doesn’t have a
A healthy work environment doesn't include bleeding feet.
I recently had the pleasure of meeting Erin MacCoy, the principal and founder of Madrona Marketing in Seattle, WA. She shared a story about her work in cultivating brand ambassadors for her clients, and I was so impressed by her savvy that I decided to share it with you, through this here interview.
In this episode of Drinking and Talking, host Sam Stein is joined by veterans of the service industry. He asks the important question, who is a better tipper, democrats or republicans?
The "Drinking and Talking" continues as HuffPost's own Sam Stein and Ryan Grim ask servers to reveal their best on the job stories.
The "Drinking and Talking" continues with HuffPost's Sam Stein and Ryan Grim as they take a look at the age old practice of tipping.
In a world where trophies are given for effort and we coddle our kids more than we'd like to admit, it's important we prepare
Expect price increases across the board if restaurants (finally!) begin to raise wages for the back of the house.
How to Hack Whole Foods The customer isn't always right, but since it's terribly awkward to tell them they're wrong, restaurant
The hierarchy is alive and well, friends. But we all know that's no recipe for a beautiful world -- whether you're scooping up garbage for a living or performing high risk brain surgery. We all have a story, we all have joys and pains and we all deserve to be treated decently.
Zabawa says she then lost her position as banquet manager and was switched to a sales job. In her lawsuit, she argues that
The service industry can be a jumping point between other jobs or a lifelong vocation. But even some of the most hardened, battle-scarred servers eventually decide that they don't want their feet to hurt all the damn time. So they quit.
And especially for all those who risk their lives at night to keep us safe, warm and comfortable, we should all say a special thanks and prayer for safety. Because being up all night is interesting, and sometimes profitable. But it's almost never preferable. And I speak from experience.
In truth, our neighborhoods are vastly more sprawling and interconnected than we frequently choose to acknowledge.