service industry

The U.S. Capitol’s catering staff won’t get back pay even after a government shutdown ends.
These hotel cleaners have seen it all — and they have thoughts about boundaries and guest etiquette.
"Do we celebrate these steadfast retail and hospitality professionals? Not anymore. In fact, should they dare to fail to meet our pre-pandemic expectations, we might hit them with an 'I want to speak to the manager.'"
"There was a palpable tension every time the front door swung open. Greeting each newcomer felt like attempting to defuse a bomb."
Josie Morales doesn't regret joking about a customer’s very elaborate Frappuccino order, saying “I feel like it brought some light upon how crazy orders can be.”
Telecommuting tends to be a luxury for higher earners. The nature of service jobs, in particular, can make it impossible.
The Labor Department acknowledges in an analysis that its new proposal on tipped workers might accomplish just that.
A healthy work environment doesn't include bleeding feet.