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In 2012 a record number of Americans applied to serve their country, but 500,000 applicants to AmeriCorps were turned away because funding for the Serve America Act hasn't kept pace with demand. We discuss with service leaders. Guests Matt Wilhelm and Stephanie Vestal join to discuss.
As our veterans return to our communities, we should welcome them with a hearty thank you and a pat on the back, but it might
Yellow ribbons and rounds of applause at airports demonstrate how grateful our country is for the sacrifices that a small portion of our population has made. But, today, do American's feel truly connected to the military?
For more opportunities to serve and celebrate in California, click here. EAST COAST New York Advent Lutheran Church and Congregation
I attended a briefing this past week that still has me glowing with inspiration. It was a reminder of the miraculous potential of service and the raw power of music.
The Serve America Act is putting tens of thousands of Americans into service, gaining skills that will help those who are unemployed re-enter the workplace.
There's a missing link in our quest for a good and equitable society. In addition to volunteering, we must educate ourselves and impact our government to achieve lasting change on prominent issues.
Khazei has built a reputation as a trustworthy, pragmatic, approachable and plain speaking reformer. At a time, when Washington
The power that each of us has in our families, particularly as mothers, is incredible. We shape the world view, the biases, the sense of understanding and compassion in our children.
The National Service Inclusion Project--making it possible for everyone to serve--has announced several projects throughout
The Obama inaugural committee has launched a new website, contest and all, Michelle Obama has reached out via email and video
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I've been receiving a lot of mail from nonprofits in my community asking for money. And I'll donate what I can. But there are other things we can do that involve more than just money -- volunteer our time.
There are extraordinary things ordinary people can achieve, especially in tough economic times, to empower service as a key strategy for uniting Americans and solving problems.
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