servicemembers civil relief act

No one has been held accountable for a bungled probe into Navient Corp.
The Education Department conducted a "sham" investigation into whether Navient Corp. overcharged active-duty servicemembers, an audit shows.
The department's internal audit into service members' student loans contradicts previous findings that they were mishandled.
The CFPB’s accusations are primarily based on an analysis of roughly 1,300 complaints it has received from military personnel
Horn, the Education Department spokeswoman, said the department’s rules at the time required service members to specifically
For example, the Education Department criticized Navient for incorrectly reducing interest rates on loans held by active
“It took the Department of Education just one month after the announcement of a major federal settlement to decide that it
In many instances, these sources said, the loan contractors were too generous to military borrowers by allowing them, for
Only in Washington would some politicians even consider a calculus that places the demands of special interests above the compelling needs of both the nation's military preparedness and the well-being of the nation's defenders themselves.