servicemembers civil relief act

The Education Department conducted a "sham" investigation into whether Navient Corp. overcharged active-duty servicemembers, an audit shows.
The department's internal audit into service members' student loans contradicts previous findings that they were mishandled.
In addition, active-duty troops continue to face obstacles when trying to lower the interest rate on their student loans
That stands in contrast to the Justice Department investigation, in which federal officials reviewed call recordings between
While the Treasury Department, White House and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau seem keen on cleaning up a student loan
Federal prosecutors said the company’s conduct was “intentional, willful, and taken in disregard for the rights of servicemembers
Only in Washington would some politicians even consider a calculus that places the demands of special interests above the compelling needs of both the nation's military preparedness and the well-being of the nation's defenders themselves.
Last month, the American Legion, the influential veterans organization, accused the Education Department of favoring its
Meanwhile, the Education Department continues to funnel more accounts and taxpayer money to Navient. The American Legion
To regulators, however, the mistreatment of active duty troops is of particular concern. The conclusion has apparently startled
“We appreciate the feedback we are getting from students, parents and community members on this issue,” Nolt said. “Federal
"With or without an end date, our policy has always been to process the 6 percent SCRA interest rate reduction benefit," said
Sallie Mae is under investigation by nearly a dozen federal and state authorities seeking to determine whether its practices