The bulk of the pay is from customers, so if there are no customers, guess who doesn't get paid? That'd be you. Your days can either be short and penniless or long and rewarding.
Stop stacking. Start embracing the vertical space.
There isn’t enough Xanax in the universe to make the blood money of Christmas time in the service industry entirely tolerable.
Our country is in the midst of a clash between two competing moral visions, between those who believe in the common good, and those who believe individual good is the only good. It's time our leaders in Washington listen to someone other then themselves.
How we resent that overfilling, over pouring, over frequenting of the table and then the eye contact -- "another bottle, sir?"
Americans are ready to serve. Research conducted last year for AARP found that four in 10 people ages 44 to 79 expected to volunteer more in the next five years.