In the beginning, they had something special. But Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions’ beautiful relationship didn’t last long. Here’s how the cracks began to show.
Kamala Harris was again reprimanded by Committee Chair Sen. Richard Burr during Jeff Sessions’ testimony
Kamala Harris pushes Jeff Sessions on why he’s refusing to answer questions before the Senate Intelligence Committee.
During his Senate Intelligence Committee Hearing, Attorney General Jeff Sessions Disputes Comey's testimony that he stayed silent after Trump and Comey's one-on-one meeting.
President Trump met with his completed cabinet today, inviting each member to praise him and his administration.
Trump needs to hear our collective voices and fear our peaceful protests. Moreover, Trump, in alliance with the Republican
The American primary system for the nomination of presidential and congressional candidates, a system never mentioned in the constitution, has allowed populist anger to be exploited into a veto on foreign policy. Primaries, as they have evolved with the assistance of social media, have become an exercise that grants extraordinary electoral power to the dissatisfied and to the extremes.
Jeff Sessions: 'Virtually No One Is Being Deported'
The resolution, S.Res.65, is rightly being called a backdoor to war with Iran -- a convenient way to plunge the U.S. into war without a messy public debate but instead automatically, based on when Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu decides to pull the trigger.
As Mark struggles to lead a partially normal life, there are so many challenges, that sometimes it's not easy to believe it's an achievable goal. "Maybe God is pointing out how useless it all is." Maybe on the other hand, God really does have a sense of humor.
Head over to Apple to watch the trailer in HD. "I've never had a film festival experience like that afternoon at the Eccles
A series of early votes cast by Reps. Pete Sessions of Texas and Mike Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania will be scratched from
Democrats attacked Sessions all week for comments he made on Sunday's "Meet The Press," in which he said: "We need to go
There is no rational explanation for Senators Leahy, Sessions, Schumer, Hatch, Kyl and Kaufman's sudden rush to overturn a 150-year-old law that protects citizens against companies making false claims.
"I love you and believe in you,'" said the email, sent on Feb. 17. "If you want my ear/voice -- e-mail." It was signed, "Pete
Just hours after federal agents charged banker Allen Stanford with fleecing investors of $7 billion, the disgraced financier
Our look back at Obama's second 100 days will begin with a short overview, and then move on to the categories: "the best of times," "the worst of times," and "the age of (media) foolishness."
Rep. Pete Sessions -- the chief of the Republicans' campaign arm in the House -- says on his website that earmarks have become
Ouch! Sen. Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.), seeking to discredit Judge Sonia Sotomayor's judicial philosophy, cited her 2001 "wise
Sotomayor had been part of a three-judge panel that voted to uphold the city of New Haven's right to throw out a test it