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Summer and Seth are giving us the early 2000s feels all over again.
I connected with these American teens from a distant land in a way I hadn’t connected with anyone else in my real life.
How I discovered my quirky boyfriend of 14 years was actually a Hebrew hologram.
Californiaaa, here we comeeee! Keep your eye on The O.C. Musical's Twitter account for more details. The show takes place
Well that's a silver lining, we suppose. In the seven years since "The O.C." ended, Adam Brody has maintained steady work
The "New Girl" episode is set to shoot this week and will air next year. TV Line reports that Brody's character is "open
Instead of resigning to so-called "age-appropriate" clothing, why not start developing your own sense of style at 50 or older?
Seth's sidekick was Captan Oats, not this dog. Seth was a lover, not a fighter. Seth wouldn't date a "Gossip Girl." It's
Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorf have started dating, this according to Us Weekly. What's that you say? Seth and Blair are fictional characters and only the actors who played them, Adam Brody and Leighton Meester, are holding hands and making plans? Shut up with that noise!
As with "The O.C.," "Gossip Girl" and "Chuck" before, you've assembled a great cast of some known and unknown young actors
The last time Adam Brody saw an episode of "The O.C.," now five years in syndication, he was in Italy for the Venice Film
Adam Brody plays a suave businessman in Whit Stillman's wry comedy "Damsels in Distress" (opening Friday), but the actor
Brody describes the series as "the horniest show on television," and we would have to agree. With enough potty humor to make