seth green

In a new profile, Gellar is still vague about her experiences on the “toxic” set. But her husband, and her former co-star Seth Green, are more descriptive.
Green stated that he was "screaming" and swinging his arms as Murray grabbed him backstage on "Saturday Night Live."
Back in the good old days, Agent 007 was sent to save the world from nuclear blackmail, errant satellites, cornering the gold market and so on. In 2016 we're treated to a crusade to rid the world of super computers and spy cameras.
The issue comes out April 21st and, to commemorate the occasion, "Weird Al" and John Ficarra were foolish enough to agree to talk to me.
Is Batman a comedy podcast per se? Not exactly, but it passes the sniff test because it's hosted by a comic performer who knows how to insert laughs along the way.