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Joanne Sydney Lessner, a Contributing Writer for ZEALnyc, is a writer, singer, actor, whose published works include The Temporary
And I'm not talking about Avenue Q or Hand to God or the various Muppet movies or anything else in which the idea of the puppet is as much a part of the joke as anything else.
So far the response from test audiences has been positive, with Alcaraz specifically pointing out Hispanic viewers of “Family
Well, summer is over, folks, so now it's time to hang out with our real best friend: Television. I'm always interested in what could be the next big show, and even interested in a show that is not only big, but actually good.
Two minds may be better the one, but what about two dads? Add Dads and all the new fall shows to your Watchlist now The latter
President Obama is accused of a misogynistic blunder for mentioning an attorney general's good looks after singing her professional praises. Did that offend you? If so, I'm offended that you're offended.
Seth MacFarlane's performance as Oscar host has been panned for bad jokes, especially the ones on women. Conclusion: His one-liners would make the worst pick-up lines.
We tweeted out asking what people had thought of Seth's joke and got some very mixed reactions. Everything from hilarious
It seems as though the Oscar writers think that Hollywood is so liberal that it can get away with making offensive comments because everyone knows that they are "just joking."
Here are some of Seth MacFarlane's Oscar quotes that would never ever get you a date: “'Django' is a movie where a woman