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seth rogen

The Duke of Sussex might've seen some similarities between the film and his real, royal life.
The "Lion King" actor sat down with Jimmy Kimmel and talked about what it was like to meet Beyoncé.
Many on the internet lusted over the "Long Shot" star's photos.
The actress joined Seth Rogen and host James Corden to hilariously reenact classic romantic comedies on "The Late Late Show."
The "Knocked Up" actor said the original series was one of his "favorite shows of all time."
Seth Rogen, Russell Crowe and more tweeted about the decision to give out awards for categories like cinematography and film editing during breaks.
“You deserved to find out in a better way than this,” the actor said after spilling the beans on Twitter.
The charges were filed under seal ahead of Trump's meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.
Rogen, who is producing the comedy with Evan Goldberg, said it will not happen again.
Back in 2006, the “Mission: Impossible” star had no clue it was a thing … unlike the rest of the world.
The Canadian-born actor did the transit announcements for free.
Watching this version of the hit sitcom is a whole new experience.
Five women accused Franco of coercing them into unwanted sexual encounters or on-set nudity.
"I didn't know what to do," the actor said on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"
"It was like the least surprising thing that she could’ve said," the actor said.
"I should have read this before I signed it," the actor said.
The Golden Globes host took on sexual harassment and Donald Trump in a tricky monologue.
Bannon, a former chief strategist to President Trump, co-hosts a radio show on the channel SiriusXM Patriot.