seth rogen

Writer and voice actor Seth Rogen raved that he's "proud and thrilled with how this film is turning out."
The actor spoke in support of writers on the red carpet for his Apple TV+ show.
The comedy star explained why he only sort of takes responsibility for the rapper's sort-of apology to the Jewish community.
The "Knocked Up" actor said he and wife Lauren Miller "understand ourselves more than we ever have" with the benefit of being child-free.
The "Fabelmans" star reminded reviewers of just how much words hurt.
The actor now says his eyebrow-raising comments on the 2007 high school comedy were intended as "a joke."
"Get another hour. It can’t be that expensive," Rogen remarked before he called out the network by name on Sunday.
The "Breaking Bad" star told Jimmy Kimmel about an encounter he had with "The Fabelmans" actor at a previous Globes ceremony.
Subtitled "Mutant Mayhem,” the comedian's new film was made with the "awkwardness and insecurity" of adolescence in mind.
The promotional video was released by Vancouver's regional transit authority Metrolink, to announce that the comedian and actor will become the voice of service announcements on buses and trains/