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The Irish and the Italians were both large Catholic immigrant groups. And in my parents' case, they also had ten children of their own! Pete called Lucy "Red" which never made sense to us kids since our mother was a blonde. Ah, but Lucy had been a stunning redhead when Pete met her! Lucy called Pete "Barney." Something to do with Barney Google apparently.
Senior guard Derrick Gordon will blaze a new trail, once more.
(RNS) In May, the Rev. Warren Hall was abruptly dismissed from his position as the popular campus chaplain at Seton Hall
Organizations like Seton Hall, should they continue to live in an archaic time where it is okay to pretend that the world doesn't look the way it does, that the people in it are less human than others, and that some are less deserving of equality than others, will waste away into the annals of time.
Hall said another priest saw the image, which was posted to Hall’s personal Facebook page, and alerted university and archdiocesan
"His tenure is ending at the university as director of campus ministry and he is available for another assignment... I think
Seton Hall kicked off the madness of March days before the NCAA Tournament field is even set. The Pirates knocked No. 3 Villanova
Is there anything better than meatballs? But how can you eat them while watching basketball games on TV? Our good friend George Duran, who you may know as host of Ham on the Street on the Food Network, has a great solution for this March Madness problem.
Fear not, applicants! Some colleges have taken the monetary moans of the middle class to heart. According to Yahoo! Finance
And there's no reason to think it couldn't happen again somewhere else. Of these excluded assets, some were stress-tested
New Jersey governor Chris Christie was loudly booed at Seton Hall's graduation ceremony earlier today, where he delivered
The measure raises the stakes for employers who break wage and hour laws by creating higher penalties for wage theft, giving
It's always better to keep things in perspective. Jeremy Hazell, a 6-foot-5 senior guard for the Seton Hall basketball team
The suspect ordered the student to hand over his money and brandished a gun. The student gave the robber the $10 he had in
Do you think the students should cancel plans to protest? Share your thoughts in the comments section. According to the Newark