setting goals

If you're ready to launch your unconventional life and build that life that creates the freedom you want, you need to have
I took two years off between high school and college to be a full-time musician, writing songs, and touring with my band
P.S. For additional resources, check out this workbook with exercises on finding meaning and purpose using science-based
Imagine all the possibilities you would create in your life right now if you simply chose today instead of choosing to continue
1. Schedule - Set aside 10 minutes each day for seven days for this activity. Consider this as important as any job or activity
"How am I complicit in creating the condition I say I don't want?" Alejandra Aguirre is better known as Ali. She's been teaching
"Live for your goals without your goals controlling your life." Reading that quote, you may find yourself a little baffled. You ask yourself, "How can I think BIG, set goals, and pursue them without giving into them?"
It feels good to feel strong and capable in my body. It feels good to feel confident in my body. It feels good to have more mental space for all the other important things in my life.