Purim is upon us and this year (2016) it falls during the Christian Holy Week. In some ways these two holidays could not seem more different.
I soon decided that I, like many others, was not a casualty to a toxic relationship, but a survivor--strong and brave, yet
Whether you have a semester, week, or quick weekend in Sevilla, I've mapped out some of the "must-dos" for experiencing the Spirit of this beautiful city.
Tapas and Spain go together like baguettes and France. And the southern Spanish region of Andalucia poses no exception to this rule. On a recent trip to Sevilla, Spain (an hour plane flight from Madrid) I got an inside look at tapas in one for the most thriving local neighborhoods in town.
The work here is simultaneously modern and folk - with the bold colors and raw patterning and symbols combined with a certain
El delantero lusitano Cristiano Ronaldo adelantó a los visitantes al minuto 14, pero el gusto les duró poco, ya que al 19
Spain's long, sandy Atlantic beaches and cozy Mediterranean coves are rightly famous throughout Europe. That most get over 300 days of sun a year doesn't hurt either.
Italy takes the cake on this one, but ancient Hispania has some fine Roman ruins of its own. Plus some, like the Roman theatre
People still ask me why I "cover" things in public with yarn magic. I, emulating the street-art legends before me, hope to do more than merely cover surfaces.
A clear eating trend in Sevilla is the rise of gourmet tapas bars, with spiffed-up decor and creative menus, at the expense of traditional restaurants. Even in difficult economic times, when other businesses are closing down, tapas bars are popping up all over.
Serious Flamenco Concerts While it's hard to choose among these three nightly, one-hour Flamenco concerts, I'd say enjoying
Sevilla loves a religious procession -- carrying statues of saints from favorite churches through the streets on big floats
Seeing the faces of statues chiseled out throughout my travels, it seems our inability to tolerate each other has been a
For the first time in history over 6 million Spaniards are jobless in Spain, the euro zone's fourth-biggest economy. The
Rubbish collectors in the picturesque Spanish city of Seville have been on strike since last week and it's really starting
Seville is many things -- it is the city of Carmen (flamenco, bullfights and the original cigar factory), the city of the baroque splendour of Figaro's Wedding, but above all, Seville is the city of tiles.
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For Christians Holy Week is the week which precedes the Resurrection of Christ on Easter Sunday. The week starts on On Palm
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