VENICE, ITALY Crowds plus pigeons in the heat are no winning combo. Yet, both flock to the floating city during the summer
With three quarters of global travelers saying that they’d likely travel somewhere renowned for its great food and drink
Javier Otero reworked the hit track in a bid to sell scratch-off tickets.
  3. Zurich, Switzerland Photo: FREITAG Store Zürich by: Rosmarie Voegtli flickr - Courtesy: Zurich is slowly making
Every once in a way, you have a "once in a lifetime" experience that no amount of pictures or words can do justice. For us, it was experiencing the "Feria de Abril" (The April Fair) in Seville, Spain.
I soon decided that I, like many others, was not a casualty to a toxic relationship, but a survivor--strong and brave, yet
The Flamenco joint, Bar Antiguo Canalejas is right down the street from the church. at Ancha, 18. No tourists here, no fancy
Waterfronts have the power to transform both urban and natural landscapes into works of art. Rivers, oceans, lakes, and even
Travelers to Europe often rave about how great it is getting around via trains. Though there is no doubt that this is one the fastest and most efficient ways to travel the continent, my preference is keeping it old school with a nice, laid-back road trip.