After all the festivities of December follows the inevitable holiday funk. Come mid-January, a magical European traipse sounds
With three quarters of global travelers saying that they’d likely travel somewhere renowned for its great food and drink
Javier Otero reworked the hit track in a bid to sell scratch-off tickets.
  8. Seville, Spain Photo: Seville by: Olivier Bruchez flickr - Courtesy: While many of Spain's other cities (see
Every once in a way, you have a "once in a lifetime" experience that no amount of pictures or words can do justice. For us, it was experiencing the "Feria de Abril" (The April Fair) in Seville, Spain.
My recipe was simple: Gather low self-esteem Mix with toxic boyfriend Add one diamond ring Extract all independence Bake
credit: Andrea R. Vaucher credit: Andrea R. Vaucher The next day, Debra and I drove south to the Costa de la Luz to visit
Waterfronts have the power to transform both urban and natural landscapes into works of art. Rivers, oceans, lakes, and even
Travelers to Europe often rave about how great it is getting around via trains. Though there is no doubt that this is one the fastest and most efficient ways to travel the continent, my preference is keeping it old school with a nice, laid-back road trip.
Tapas and Spain go together like baguettes and France. And the southern Spanish region of Andalucia poses no exception to this rule. On a recent trip to Sevilla, Spain (an hour plane flight from Madrid) I got an inside look at tapas in one for the most thriving local neighborhoods in town.
Water and environmental sustainability go hand-in-hand, so I thought I'd use today to (a) celebrate some of the amazing progress we've made in providing clean water to Earthlings and (b) to highlight some of the most pressing work left to do!
As film lovers the world over mourn the passing of Peter O'Toole, many of us are taking the time to revisit one of the legendary actor's greatest works: Lawrence of Arabia, a film whose adventurous spirit and exotic locales also inspired scores of travelers to seek out their own life-changing voyages.
People still ask me why I "cover" things in public with yarn magic. I, emulating the street-art legends before me, hope to do more than merely cover surfaces.
I studied abroad in Seville, Spain for five months this past semester, and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I learned a tremendous amount about Andalusian cuisine. The following restaurants are those that blew me away in terms of creativity, taste, service, ambiance, and value.
For the first time in history over 6 million Spaniards are jobless in Spain, the euro zone's fourth-biggest economy. In this