Sewage systems worldwide may hold a lot of information about how many people are getting sick with COVID-19.
The 13-year-old Los Angeles boy was rescued about a mile from where he fell into the sewer.
Thousands across the U.S. are believed to live in unsanitary conditions.
Florida officials have concluded that swimming in the waters of South Beach is hazardous due to human feces in the waters
Throughout his time in Congress, he has cast himself as a defender of the Great Lakes. But a decisive vote to prevent the EPA from enforcing efforts to cut carbon pollution puts Senator Kirk in the camp of folks trying to kill the most essential tool to safeguard the Lakes over the long-term.
A hands-on doctor tries to get public officials to recognize infestations as bubonic and pneumonic plagues. Can a novel's depictions inform discussions about Ebola?
Can the accounts and depictions transmitted by Love in the Time of Cholera help us cope with Ebola?
If you accept that water is the most valuable commodity on earth, then there is no financial argument against its production at whatever cost. Hopefully the world, regardless of national aspiration, political ideology, and systems of governance, will come to that conclusion in time to assuage our thirst for survival.
Thursday evening, three days after the storm, my mom's assessor arrived at her condo. Like our old home, the basement had
Just like New Orleans' infamous sea wall, Gov. Snyder's drought of action in Detroit is rising to Katrina-levels of neglect.