Seward Johnson

A 26-foot statue of the Hollywood star was installed across the street from a Connecticut church.
With public art's interactive nature and transience, questions such as "What defines an artwork and or public art as Art? Are these practices even art?" inevitably arise. People who will look at a piece of work, and say that it isn't art should remove this conception.
Despite the less than enthusiastic response to his piece, Johnson said in a statement that he "thoroughly enjoyed seeing
Check out photos of the sculpture below. As the Associated Press reports, the sculpture has attracted innumerable visitors
According to NBC Chicago, police were notified of vandalism to the sculpture early Tuesday. Red paint was splattered under
What does the sculpture of Marilyn say about us? What does it say about women? Is this our role model?
CHICAGO (AP) — The Picasso, the Bean and now the Blonde Bombshell. Check out photos of the sculpture here. All photos by