A judge said that the depiction could not be considered child pornography and that the actors filed their claim too late.
Whether you’re an experienced user or curious about about exploring butt play for the first time, these toys are worth shopping.
The “O.C." star, who had joked about a preference for getting "manhandled" in the bedroom, said she was "baffled" by the fallout of her candid remarks.
The dancers of North Hollywood’s Star Garden have gained recognition as part of the the Actors’ Equity Association after a 15-month battle with management.
The former first lady apparently made some very outdated remarks ahead of Jenna Bush Hager's big day in 2008.
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“There’s a distance between the sexiness of Instagram and actual sexiness,” the actor told Rolling Stone.
A man asked for online advice on how to finger his girlfriend and got dunked on, but maybe we should be applauding him instead.
"I could not get my physicians to understand how frustrating it was that I had gone from having a passionate and fulfilling sex life, to struggling with one that was unfulfilling."
"Keeping such a big secret from my husband haunted me day in and day out, but there never seemed to be a good time to tell him."