“'I just came out two years ago and I’m dating. But I’m 72,' he shrugged, smiling. 'Something needs to change. Before I die, I want to have more sex!'”
Well, this is weird. The man who played Barney from 1991-2001 now runs a tantric sex business where he “unblocks the energies” of his female clients.
The “Never Been Kissed” actor’s confession comes just one month after Andrew Garfield revealed he cut out sex for his role in “Silence.”
"Being a Latina from the community allowed me to create real connections with the teachers who genuinely wanted to help the students."
“If they want me to strip fully naked, I will do it," chess grandmaster Hans Niemann said about the outcry over his controversial win.
"In the past, when lovers expressed their interest in going down on me, I’d let it happen even though it wasn’t what I wanted."
"[My physical therapist] invited my husband to come to an appointment... I was nervous... Would he be disgusted? Would he still want to attempt sex with me after this?"
"I’ve learned a lot from being an escort, and one of the biggest lessons has been that cheating is common but divorce doesn’t have to be."
"In retrospect, porn is something I should have talked to him about before there was potential for him to view it."
"A centerfold was glamorous and important, two things I believed would somehow transform me."