These researchers developed a tool to help teachers create a more gender-diverse, queer-inclusive sex education.
"I want to touch and be touched by such a man. I think that you are my only chance at that."
"Marriage is sexting your husband all day about the wild sex you’re gonna have and then having quiet sex in your Snuggie so the kids won’t wake up."
Whether you’re splurging on a new vibrator or picking out a sexy stocking stuffer for your partner, these deals are too hot to miss.
Here's what sex and dating experts really think about this so-called rule.
“Carol defined sex work as a labor issue, not a crime, not a sin."
In 'Love Not Given Lightly,' journalist and advocate Tina Horn writes about those she encountered through her decade in sexual counter-cultures, from kinky fetishists, to rent boys, and friendships. She joins HuffPost Live to discuss.
He also offered some advice on how to break the habit "so you will not have temptation in hand."
Menstrual discs, a good old fashioned towel, special panties and more can make intimacy while menstruating less messy and more fun.
"I produce an impossible amount of liquid during sex, even when I don’t want to."